department of illinois

The AMVETS Department of Illinois
is guided by a group of men and women who are dedicated to carrying out the AMVETS mission
of improving the lives of our nation’s veterans and the communities they live in.


David Hicks

2017-2018 Commander
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Commander David Hicks (100)
District II Cmdr
Dennis McFadden (245)
1st Vice Commander
Darrel Tucker (14)
District II 1st Vice
Jean Henning (922)
2nd Vice Commander
Harlow Pues (32)
District II 2nd Vice
Steve Holt (103)
Judge Advocate S. John Sisler (169)
District III Cmdr James Duncan (100)
Finance Officer Raleigh Showens (269) District III 1st Vice Mark Inmon
N.E.C. Cheryl Weglewski (113)
District III 2nd Vice
Brandon Nell (169)
Alternate N.E.C. Christopher Studebaker (115)
District IV Cmdr Dan Spaulding (52)
Executive Director Keith Wetherell (94) District IV 1st Vice
Burke Ford (67)
Past Commander Richard Shea Jr. (43)
District IV 2nd Vice Ron Jones (14)
Provost Marshal Bob Stuebinger (103)
District V Cmdr
District I Cmdr
Thomas Tamraz (5) District V 1st Vice

District I 1st Vice

District V 2nd Vice

District I 2nd Vice
Chaplain James Johnson (94)

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