Service Foundation

The Illinois AMVETS 
Service Foundation

was chartered in 1946 in
 an effort of fundraising
 for Veterans' 
rehabilitation and
 medical supplies.
The Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation is supported by donations collected from discarded household goods, bequests, corporate giving, and personal donations. These fundraising efforts are vital in AMVETS doing their best to support Veterans and their surrounding communities.

The foundation board primarily consists of Past Commanders of the AMVETS Department of Illinois, with the exception of three trustees. The Foundation Directors are all experienced AMVETS members and are from all over the State of Illinois. These members combine diverse backgrounds and savvy business intellect to provide the best insight on any number of issues. They ensure that certain grant requests are adequate for approval, ensure the principles of AMVETS remain the apex of the organization, and oversee the general operations of AMVETS.

Foundation Board

AMVETS Service Foundation
President Rich Shea Jr.
Vice President Bob Stevens
Secretary Keith Wetherell
Treasurer Raleigh Showens
Judge Advocate
2015-2018 Lawrence Green
2016-2019 Art Holloway
2017-2020 Bob Stevens

Commander David Hicks
Michael Dawson
1st Vice Darrel Tucker
Tony Altieri
2nd Vice Harlow Pues
Robert Dant
2015-2016 Richard VanNatta 2001-2002
Kathryn Rutledge
2014-2015 Christopher Studebaker
Charlie Sedivec
2013-2014 Paul Kerby
Lawrence Sanders
2012-2013 Cheryl Weglewski
1987-1988 Joe White
2011-2012 Raleigh Showens
David Parkhill
2010-2011 William Buckner
Thomas Lederbrand
2009-2010 Rudy Spaulding
James King
2008-2009 William Scheffel
Norman Bess
2007-2008 Edward Wright

Health Care Facility 2017 - 2018

President 2015-2020
Tony Altieri
Vice President 2015-2019
Bob Dant
Judge Advocate

Treasurer 2016-2021
Bill Buckner
Secretary Keith Wetherell

2012-2017 Mike Dawson
2013-2018 Cheryl Weglewski
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